About IdentifAI

IdentifAI is an EKYC (electronic Know Your Customer) service utilizing the power of AI, Face Biometric, Liveness Detection, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to help your business stand out in exercising verification of your customers to Dukcapil's database. This is crucial to forestalling fraudulent practice, prevent money laundering activity (AML), while also enhancing customer due diligence (CDD).
IdentifAI helps the business to verify and validate their customer with Dukcapil Data that manages around 190million National ID data to comply with KYC regulation.

IdentifAI Products

Face Biometric to Dukcapil Data

IdentifAI Dukcapil Validation service is used to verify Customer Identity through face attribute and NIK to Dukcapil Authorized Database. This solution is widely implemented to verify customer identity for banking, fintech, and the telecommunication industry.
  • Verify the selfie with paired NIK
  • Capable for detecting low-quality image
  • Robust on face verification with attribute

Face Liveness Detection

Nodeflux passive liveness detection API is a machine learning technology that use to give suggestions on rejecting characteristics of spoof objects such as replay video, mask, printed photos. We have two types of liveness detection i.e, active liveness detection on SDK and passive liveness SDK on API.
  • Detecting Spoof Artifact
  • Capable for detecting low-quality image
  • Capable to detect the occluded object on the face

Face Match with Liveness

Nodeflux face match with liveness API is analytics to compare a real-time self-portrait photo (selfie) with a reference photo. The output from this process is 2 outputs consisting of the liveness check result and the percentages of similarity result.
  • Seamless combination passive liveness with face-matching technology
  • Only need one API to do 2 layers of biometric verification


Nodeflux OCR KTP is designed for information data extraction on KTP (Indonesia issued identity card) to reduce manual input during registration.
  • Intelligent correction by template matching
  • Capable for detecting low-quality image
  • Structured Converting Information