IdentifAI is an EKYC (electronic Know Your Customer) service utilizing the power of AI, Face Biometric, Liveness Detection, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to help your business stand out in exercising verification of your customers to Dukcapil's database. This is crucial to forestalling fraudulent practice, prevent money laundering activity (AML), while also enhancing customer due diligence (CDD).

IdentifAI helps the business to verify and validate their customer with Dukcapil Data that manages around 190million National ID data to comply with KYC regulation.

Getting Started with a Simple Way

IdentifAI offers you a simple way to integrate AI within your technology stack.

IdentifAI Rest API: Our Rest API designed for integration within your software applications.

IdentifAI Solution

Onboard to IdentifAI Dashboard

Dukcapil Validation

A platform to verify the customer’s identity by comparing its face attribute to Dukcapil data. Minimize fraud risk.

Face Liveness Check

Anti-spoofing liveness detection to assure user presence.


Optical Character Recognition service to extract Physical KTP (Indonesia Citizen ID Card) to minimize manual process on data recording.

Landing to Dukcapil Validation Service with a Few Click

If you have agency permission from Dukcapil, you can be landing on our web app to try the face-matching technology in order to verify users. Only by inputting the National ID Number (NIK) and uploading a photo, you will get the similarity result.