Generate Authorization Key

All APIs take a ‘access key ID’ and ‘secret key’ param in the header. These key-secret pairs are associated with a user and allows the permission to the user to request the API.
Welcome to our new API version 2.0. If you are migrating or currently using for authorization please use Please check the migration guideline for migrating.
After you get the access key and the secret key, you need to create an authorization key to be put in the Authorization header.
Send a POST request to {{base_identifai_url}}/public/auth/v1/signatures by providing these arguments as application/json with request:
"access_key": "{YOUR_ACCESS_KEY}",
"secret_key": "{YOUR_SECRET_KEY}"
Then you will get a response:
"headers": {
"x-nodeflux-timestamp": "20211213T062502Z"
"ok": true,
"token": "b5005b75e579500fdd89ceee620414b70e021f7b730b647084dd4693d799d2"
Generate Authorization Key
After you get the x-nodeflux-timestamp and token, please construct your authorization key with this format:
NODEFLUX-HMAC-SHA256 Credential={ACCESS_KEY}/{DATE}/nodeflux.api.v1beta1.ImageAnalytic/StreamImageAnalytic, SignedHeaders=x-nodeflux-timestamp, Signature={TOKEN}
NODEFLUX-HMAC-SHA256 Credential=STTCRR3L5APXAUG5HXZ1RB1CN/20211213/nodeflux.api.v1beta1.ImageAnalytic/StreamImageAnalytic, SignedHeaders=x-nodeflux-timestamp, Signature=b5005b75e574500fdd8b9aeeee620414b70e021f9b730b647084dd4693d799d2
Component to be changed
Your access key from IdentifAI application
Get the date from x-nodeflux-timestamp (yyyymmdd)
Your token from endpoint response
The authorization key will be used as an identifier when you call each service API.