IdentifAI Basic API

Welcome to our new API version 2.0. If you are migrating or currently using please make sure to use Please check migration guideline for migrating

HTTP(S) Request

IdentifAI API can be requested through HTTP(S) request with the base URL below:
IdentifAI API (Application Programming Interface) is the interface that allows clients to communicate with each other and it is useful for programmatically implementing AI technology on your own product or solution.
Our API allows you to access our analytics through a type of requests:
  • POST: Send input and information
  • GET: Request Information or Analytics Result
You can download our Postman collection below:
Run in Postman

API Methodology

We have 2 types of API communication:
Asynchronous API: Asynchronous API will immediately give you a response Job ID when making an API call instead of the analytic result. You can call them using the GET method to check whether your analytic request is on-progress, successful, or even failed. All of our analytics use Async API
Asynchronous API Mechanism
Synchronous API: Asynchronous API will immediately give you the analytics result.
Sync API Mechanism
We have three API statuses, i.e. success, incompleted, and failed. The API transaction is charged for every success or incompleted status, but we do not charge the API status which failed.
In the examples on our documentation, we use single brackets {variable} to indicate variables that you should replace with a real value.
API Transaction
  • The API transaction will be counted when the status of the API call status is 'success' (2xx) and the status is 'incompleted' (4xx).
  • Every response which returns job_id is charged by our system.