Input File Specification for Face Liveness Detection

Image Specification

  • The input image should be a frontal selfie.
frontal selfie
  • All atribute on the image is calculated on the passive liveness check. Please input the original image without any cropping and without any enhancement on the camera filter or photoshopped, because we need more context on passive liveness evaluation.
  • The liveness detection works best in such environments:
    • On a uniform background
    • Good image quality such as: not dark, sharp or not blurred, has sufficient contrast, not overshadowed, no spotlight present on the face.
    • No wearables occluded the face

Input setting

Image Setting
Search mechanism
1:1 Matching
Minimum face area size
300 x 300 pixels, or adjust on 600 x 600 pixels
Minimum camera pixel
above .2 MP
Ideal face posture
frontal face
Photo orientation position
Accepted face tilt
>15 degree
Accepted head rotation
>30 degree
Accepted image format input
Image file size
Total face in one frame
1 face
Image compression recommendation
bicubic, lossless
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