Dukcapil Validation Service Activation


As regulated under the Law in Indonesia, specifically on the Minister of Internal Affairs Regulation (Peraturan Menteri Dalam Negeri) No. 102 of 2019 on The Grant of Right to Access and Utilization of Civil Registry Data, please note that prior to use our IdentifAI Dukcapil Validation service, you must ensure that you have been granted with the authorization and possess the relevant agreement with Dukcapil for having the access to utilize the Civil Registry data which belong to Directorate General of Civil Registry (Direktorat Jenderal Kependudukan dan Pencatatan Sipil/ "DUKCAPIL") ( Perjanjian Kerja Sama Hak Akses Data Kependudukan dengan Dukcapil / "Agreement with Dukcapil" ). In the event that you do not possess the Agreement with Dukcapil, you may contact us through this link or email to get assistance in acquiring such Agreement.

Activate IdentifAI Dukcapil Service

In order to activate the service, you are required to submit all the relevant information in connection with your company as further explained in the following steps:
  • Click Aktivasi Layanan (Service Activation) button on the IdentifAI Dukcapil Validation Service page to access the activation form.
Aktivasi Layanan button on the Dukcapil Validation Service page
  • Please complete the required documents and information before submitting the form. Once the form is submitted, you will need to wait for our approval after we have reviewed your documents and information.
  • If the abovementioned documents and information are false, wrong, or irrelevant, then we will inform you to resubmit with the correct documents and information.
  • If the activation is approved, you may continue to submit the credentials given by DUKCAPIL, which consist of Customer ID and URL gateway ("Credentials from Dukcapil"), as the validation that the user has the access rights to use Dukcapil Validation Service. If you do not provide us with Credentials from Dukcapil, consequently, the Rest API call will be rejected by the system on the Dukcapil Gateway. Therefore, please provide us with your Credentials from Dukcapil in the following link https://dashboard.identifai.id/solution/dukcapil-validation.

Submit Dukcapil Customer ID and URL Gateway

The Dukcapil Administration Data is used to validate that users actually get access rights to use the Dukcapil Platform Bersama. Without sending the credential data, the Rest API call will be rejected by the system on Dukcapil Gateway. You need to fill in your credentials in the IdentifAI dashboard on page https://dashboard.identifai.id/solution/dukcapil-validation.
Approved Dukcapil Validation Service Dashboard
Dukcapil Agreement Number (Nomor PKS)
The agreement number is stated in your Dukcapil Agreement letter for accessing face bimetric service
Dukcapil Agreement expiration date
Expiration date of Dukcapil Agreement that state in the agreement letter
Dukcapil Customer ID
The unique profile name of and institution that has been approved by Dukcapil
Dukcapil Url Gateway
The unique url registered from Dukcapil
For privacy and security consent, the submitted credential will be encrypted in our system.