IdentifAI Dashboard

This page will provide you with thorough information on our IdentifAI dashboard, service activation, quota purchasing, and usage statistic report.

Landing to Our Dashboard

IdentifAI Dashboard
When you're first landing into our dashboard, you will be presented with our main products and several add ons. Before you proceed, please make sure to activate your account and ensure your API quota is sufficient.

Service Activation

Dukcapil Validation

Please prepare your Cooperation Agreement Document (PKS Dukcapil) that contains legal permission from Dukcapil to access the 'Platform Bersama' service. Platform Bersama is a network service facility with closed and / or shared applications for purposes to access Citizen Data with Closed Networks in order to ensure safety and convenience for utilization of Citizen Data.
You need to prepare these documents:
Document Name
Perjanjian Kerjasama (Dukcapil)
Cooperation Agreement with Dukcapil that allows you to access Dukcapils' data (please provide us with pdf format).
Nomor Induk Berusaha (NIB)
Legalization document that explains your business has fulfilled all of the registration obligation (please provide us with pdf format).
Surat Izin Usaha Perdagangan (SIUP)
Legalization document that allows you to conduct business or trading activities (please provide us with pdf format).
Scan KTP Direksi
Scanned the National ID Card (KTP) of board members of your company (please provide us with pdf format).
For other services, please contact our sales to help activate your account.

OCR and Face Liveness Detection Service Activation

You do not need to do activation for these products, to use the product please ensure you have a quota to do API call.

Quota Usage Statistic Report

You are able to monitor your quota usage through our interactive Statistic Usage Dashboard.