Monthly Invoice Payment

How to Make Invoice Payment

If you have switched your billing system to postpaid by following this, you will receive your invoice every 1st of the month. If your active balance is sufficient, it will automatically be paid by deducting your balance. If there is no enough balance, you need to pay your invoice by following the steps below
On the Transaction History tab, select one of the Issued invoices.
You will be given your transaction and payment details, then you can pay by selecting the Payment Method as follow
  • Payment Gateway (Bank Transfer)
  • Trial Balance
  • Regular Balance
  • If you pay through our Payment Gateway, please complete your payment no later than 5 hours after the issuance of the virtual account number, if it exceeds the specified time limit, your transaction will expire
  • The minimum payment through Payment Gateway is 10.000 IDR, if you have an invoice under 10.000 IDR, please pay using your trial/regular balance
  • Please pay your invoice before the 14th days after the invoice is sent, if the invoice is unpaid more than date 14th that date your account will be suspended on the 15th day